This I Believe

Kimberly - Chelan, Washington
Entered on February 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Everybody is different from each other. That’s what makes us an individual. Whether we have different appearances, interests, or even beliefs everybody has an eccentric fact about themselves. I think everybody should respect individuality. Without individuality everybody would be the same. Sometimes our personalities clash and can cause people to disagree. Later on this disagreement can become hatred. This is completely natural. If you were to ask everybody you knew, most would say that they have at least one person they disagree with. Individuals should be able to put this behind them and get along even for the slightest moment.

This brings me to what I believe. I believe in being respectful to others even if you may not like them.

I have had many experiences where I can relate to being both somebody that was disrespected and even somebody that disrespected others. One that I distinctly remember was when I was in elementary school. I know what you’re thinking its young kids and they are usually cruel, but this is one that has stuck with me through the years. It all happened during my 5th grade year. I was part of what was known as the “popular” group. One wrong move could cause you to become an “outcast”. Of course, I wanted to stay popular so I did things like made fun of people and even talked about people behind their backs. Which to this day, I feel really bad about, but back then; I really didn’t know anything better. So one day, I come dressed in a blue skirt that went down to my knees. Along with the skirt I wore a plain light blue skirt with my hair down. I knew I had become an outcast from the group as soon as they were whispering to each other. The next thing I know they walk past me and sarcastically said, “Nice skirt.” The ridiculing went on for a week. My teacher noticed and brought everybody that was involved into his class during lunch and helped us work out things. Everything worked out; I became friends with everyone again. That experience changed me; I remember how the feeling was to be made fun of. So I chose not to participate in ridiculing others.

To this day, I stay close friends with those that ridiculed me. They all of had experiences themselves that involve them feeling what they made others and I feel. Today we all respect others for who they are, even those that we don’t get along with. I hope that I set an example to younger kids that they should be respectful to others. So my core belief is to respect everybody.