This I Believe

Robert - Hayward, California
Entered on February 8, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65


I believe in fullness of heart and clarity of mind. I believe each and every human being has the capacity to enjoy these gifts . . .And I believe Peace is possible for each of us when we discover our true nature.

There were once 3 blind people who wanted to discover the nature of an elephant. So they each went into a room where there was an elephant. When they came out, each one started to describe what they had experienced. The first one who had felt the trunk, said “the elephant is like a powerful snake”. The second person exclaimed, “ NO, NO, NO, – it’s just like a tree trunk with rough bark.” She had been feeling the leg. The third having hung on to the tail interrupted, “Not at all. An elephant is like a tough little rope twitching back and forth”. Thus the 3 blind people continued to argue and squabble all thru the night about what an elephant is.

Obviously, because of their blindness, the three were incapable of discovering the true nature of the elephant.

In the same way human beings, blinded by anger, fear, hate, prejudice, racism, nationalism, and religious extremism have become incapable of knowing our own true nature.

This inability to see clearly who we are as human beings has resulted in the multitude of seemingly unsolvable problems facing us in the world today. Through-out recorded history humans have been in conflict with each other causing war after war and untold suffering and destruction simply because we don’t understand who we are. In today’s world it’s inescapable, the brutality caused by our lack of understanding of our true nature . . . from 9/11 to conflicts in the Middle East, to Darfur, to Northern Ireland, to Chechnia, to the violence in our schools. It just goes on and on. It’s truly overwhelming! So….Human Beings…Who are we ?… And how can we discover and understand who we are?

It would make sense to start with origins. Where did it all start for you and for me? BIRTH! A baby is born in China. A baby is born in Gaza. A baby is born in Israel. A baby is born in Venezuela. A baby is born in the U.S. A baby is born in Nigeria. A baby is born…..well… get the picture.

Of course, each of these infants is a unique and individual being. But what does each of them have in common, and what is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to each one of them. BREATH!!! That first breath comes into that little body and the life begins ! What an amazing moment! For that, human being in that moment there are no countries, there is no language, there is no race, no religion, there is no judgment. There is only breath and the glorious life that it brings. Of course as the life continues, depending on what culture they are born into, the person is taught to identify with a certain language, a certain way of thinking, perhaps a certain religion. But the breath continues. And ONLY as the breath continues does the life continue. But now the breath is not the main concern as it was in the beginning. Now there’s learning to talk, learning to walk, then comes play and school , then a career and family . . . So many things that are much more important to focus on than that little breath . And so the life comes full circle. Now we see this person on their death-bed. And what is the most important thing to this person? Is it the wealth and property they have accumulated. . . the power and prestige they’ve acquired in the community. . .or maybe prized possessions? NO! (Of course family and friends are important at that time). But even more important (this is a solitary journey), the thing that this person would willingly give up all their wealth, property, power and prestige to have is . . .ONE…MORE….BREATH. ONE….MORE…BREATH. So we find at the beginning of life and at the end of life the single most important, indeed essential, thing is the breath.

Could it be, seeing clearly, that the most important, indeed essential, element DURING life is that VERY BREATH? Could it be that if we simply focus on the breath , we might discover something so basic and profound about our true nature that it would put us in perfect harmony with the universe? Could it be that that discovery and the subsequent realization of the PEACE and HARMONY that already exist within us, could lead us to treat our fellow human beings with respect, honor and love and that a true brotherhood and sisterhood could emerge on this planet celebrating our unity in the gift of breath and our diversity in the uniqueness of each individual and each culture?

Now , I can sense your skepticism! “This will never work!” “It’s too simplistic!” “You’ll never get all these Jehadists, and Religious Extremist and Criminals and Racists and Power Hungry world leaders to adopt this kind of thinking!”.


This is just between YOU…and ….ME.

It’s not easy. But I invite you to try something with me. …. just feel your breath…..feel each breath as it comes into you filling you with life….. Feel the power behind your breath….feel its gentleness as it caresses your being…the breath knows no country …it recognizes no race….it knows no religion . . . It is always present….The breath never judges …the breath is simple . . . And you are simple too . . .

OK. As I said, I know it’s not easy!

Clarity is not something that can be forced upon people. However, there is one very powerful factor that can make this possible. Deep within each and every human being there is an innate desire to see clearly and to feel the peace and harmony that come from knowing who we truly are. If we start with ourselves and nurture that desire, anything is possible.

Is it a daunting task? Absolutely!

Is it worth trying to make it a reality? Someone once said , “Where there is nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain if successful, by all means try and keep trying.”

Just think how much would be gained if people started seeing clearly the miracle of their own lives and began treating each other with love and respect. It begins with you and me. There is nothing to lose. We owe it to ourselves to try.

There is one other vital factor which gives me the utmost faith that Peace is possible.

There are many kinds of teachers in this world. One teaches science, one teaches math, one teaches psychology, one teaches politics, etc. There is also one who teaches the art of seeing clearly. His name is Prem Rawat and for those who have tapped into that innate desire to know their true selves, he provides a practical means of focusing within and realizing the fulfillment and peace which reside there. He already has hundreds of thousands of students around the world, of which I am one. Through his simple teachings, I have become completely confident that peace is possible.

Now , if somehow those three poor, blind people who continued to argue and fight about the true nature of an elephant were suddenly given sight, all conflict and strife would cease immediately.

In the same way, when you and I learn to see clearly what this life really is, Peace will come automatically. As I said, I firmly believe that Peace is possible when we take the time to discover who we really are as human beings.

Let’s continue to try to make it a reality in our lives! Anyone interested in learning more about the teachings of Prem Rawat and his message of inner peace, may do so by logging onto: or