This I Believe

Megan - San Luis Obispo, California
Entered on February 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I now believe in the impossible. The things that when I was little I thought would never happen to me, I now believe. I believe in the unexpected times of absolute happiness, and in the times of despair that arise without fair warning.

When I was five years old my mom enrolled me in my first gymnastics class because I wanted to be just like my big sister. As I continued along in the sport I struggled, yet stayed persistent for ten years. Some things took a little extra practice, and many times I wanted to give up. Competition season would come around each year, and I remember thinking that I would never get the skills I needed, and then I did. I was able to accomplish skills that I had previously proven impossible. Now I believe.

In spending time with friends, family, and loved ones, there have been many moments when I have thought, “This is what life is supposed to be like!” Before I experienced that unexplainable moment when I was able to look into someone else’s eyes and truly feel at home, love seemed impossible. Now, I have felt that moment, and I have shared memories that I would have never dreamed possible, until they happened to me. Now I believe.

As a little girl, my daddy was my hero. Whenever I had a question or needed advice, I often went running straight to him. He had all the answers. I used sit on my daddy’s knee and go for a horseback ride, speed down a roller coaster, or fly through the blue skies. My sister and I were his angels. Everyone used to ask, “Hey Robbie! Ever think of trying for a boy?” To which my dad would reply, “I already have exactly what I want, two beautiful girls!” I would have never imagined that he would be taken from me by cancer when I was only twelve years old. The impossible in my young eyes, became an unforeseen reality. Until that point I would have said it was impossible, that we would be happy together, forever. Until that time in my life, my dad was indestructible, but the impossible happened, and I was forced to believe.

The things that my dad was able to teach me, have found there way into my heart to make a lasting impression on how I view the world. From this experience in my life, I have realized not only that I believe in the power of a daddy on his little girl, but I believe in the things that will “never” happen to me. The impossible is happening in the world around us every day. I often used to deem things impossible until I experienced them. Now I am able to believe that that nothing is really impossible. Sometimes we hope for the impossible and sometimes it is feared. What I am able to say today, is that through my experiences, I now believe in the impossible.