This I Believe

Erin - Mountain View, California
Entered on February 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Yoga Is My Solution

After a break-up and broken heart, I was in need of a distraction. I began taking yoga class every day as a way to fill time, and what I found was a new way to live life. Stepping onto my yoga mat would change how I viewed the world. I believe in looking at the world from a different angle. The world seems a lot less overwhelming when you can view it upside down while standing on your head, hands or shoulders.

I believe stress is released with each exhale. On my yoga mat, I focus on my breath; I focus on my body and become aware of every muscle and every inch of skin. It is on my mat that I am present in the moment and can just be. On my mat, I find peace. My anger towards annoying people is released with each exhale. Any sadness or inner pain is lessened as I fill my body with oxygen and let go of negativity. My mind becomes silent and in this time on my mat, I am not making to-do lists, grocery lists or thinking of the bills to be paid, homework to do, or housework that must be done. In this moment, breathing in and breathing out, the world is okay. In this moment, I am okay.

I believe that, through yoga, I can change. On my yoga mat, I become a graceful dancer, a balanced moon, a playful child, or a twisted pretzel. My body is longer, leaner, stronger, and I am taller. On my yoga mat, I can fly like an airplane, roll around like a happy baby, or stretch like a cat. On my yoga mat, I am a tree. My toes ground down into the earth, my arms become branches and it is in this moment that I find the solution.

Life is stressful, painful, difficult, tiring and often overwhelming. I believe that yoga practice is the solution. It is on my yoga mat that I find the answers to all of my life’s problems, whether I find a slight reprieve from the world’s chaos, am en-lightened with profound insight, or am able to simply let go. It is on my mat that I find the solution.