This I Believe

Gregory - Jesup, Iowa
Entered on February 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Just Like Football

I believe life is like playing football. Sometimes you have to make a stand and other times you got to try and take it all at once. Other times you got to go forward a little at a time.

When I was growing up with football I was always scared to lay the “big hit.” I didn’t have a problem taking them on and getting hit, but I couldn’t go hit someone running right at me. Finally in High school I played against the bigger guys. After being scared to do anything I realized it hurt more just standing there not trying cause he’ll just run me over.

This is like life. You can stand there as chances and opportunities pass you by, or you can get in there and give it your best. If you’ve tried then you won’t have the pain of failure, instead you will feel more complete knowing you gave it your best.

Football also shows you that if the odds are against you then you have to make the upset. If your down you’re never out, impossible comebacks happen all the time. How often do we hear about people living through torture for years as a POW? Or overcoming cancer after being told their time is almost up. The teenager in the car accident told he’ll never walk again who ends up running after never giving up. If your will power is there you can’t be kept down.

In football having one all star can’t win you the game. Having the unstoppable offense can’t always win. The thing about football is that the 11 on the field have to work in unison. Like one soul and one family. They can’t fight or give up on each other otherwise they’ll lose.

In today’s world this is becoming less of the big picture. To accomplish things we can’t always backstab to get it. Working together is still the strongest way to accomplish our goals. The idea that you only move as fast as your slowest person is very true. That’s why the whole team has to try and help the man falling behind.

Football shows you discipline, respect, courage, and how to trust a team. All needed in life. If you ever run into someone who seems to missing something odds are it’s one of these things. Many people in the world miss out on either a good childhood or a solid background. I’m not saying playing football or any sport makes you successful, but I am saying it gives you a lesson on life and teaches you the fundamentals of being successful.