This I Believe

James - minneapolis, Minnesota
Entered on February 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: race

I believe that being a Chicano is hard. I know how that feels because I am a Chicano. It’s hard and scary. I’ve seen gang violence, drug addicts and I’ve seen and heard racist comments.

I believe that people should respect everyone no matter their race. When I was in 5th grade my friends and I, two Mexicans and an Asian kid we were at the mall. Two white boys like in 7th grade, were playing an arcade game one of them lost the game, so he took his anger out on us by calling us names. He called us wetbacks beaners and to my Asian friend a flat face chink. We all felt disrespected, we fought them and we lost.

On our way to the food court, people were staring at us like we were going to steal something. I was so mad because I didn’t like how everyone was looking at me and my friends. So we left and went to Southdale, another mall in Minnesota. We felt more comfortable at that mall because people weren’t as racist as the other mall. I still don’t understand why those kids were so racist. I think they were just mad because they lost the car game. At Southdale we went to the arcade and played our games and we were happy.

Now I’m in the 8th grade and my friend james and I went to the same mall were I was picked on earlier. This boy maybe 13 years old, was getting picked on by one other boy just because he didn’t speak English. We went up to that boy and asked him if he was ok. He said,

“that boy was making fun of me because I don’t speak English”. But he said it in Spanish. James and I went up to that boy and said you better stop messing with that boy he got mad and pushed me and I felt like punching him but I stopped myself. I just walked away laughing. The boy ran away and the boy who was picking on the little boy ran too, but the other direction.I think that people shouldn’t be racist because it hurts other people’s feelings. hurts peoples fellings and it can scar someone for life. If no one was racist the world would be a better place.