This I Believe

Kerry - Bristol, New Hampshire
Entered on February 8, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

What do you think? That seems to be a question that people both long to hear, and love to answer. What do “I” believe? As an American housewife, mother of 3, happily married, and co-owner of two businesses, I revel in this question. I believe in choices. At the core of every single perspective, within the heart of every single emotion, and the reason behind every single action, a person makes a choice. Without that choice, without that ability to decide what you will do, say, or think, you loose that which becomes the essence of You. Your own perspective. This is the Freedom, our Country was founded on and continues to fight for.

What choices have you made this day? What do you base your choices on? I base my own choices on two philosophies. One, if it doesn’t harm anyone, which includes yourself, do what you will; in conjunction with, the Golden Rule, treat other people the way you‘d like to be treated. There is a lot of responsibility within those two statements. They hold me to a personal code of ethics, and morality. They are the best of foundations that I have found, to make the best decisions I can.

Choices can even determine whether you and or someone you love, will live or die. This became very clear to me one July morning when I gave birth to my first son. Faced with living my life with a man who was both physically and verbally abusive was one thing, but subjecting my newborn son, was another. I needed options. When faced with two families of differing religions, nether of which would lend aid, physically or verbally, I was searching for alternatives. Do I stay and up hold the “no matter what” clause of marriage, or do I escape into the regions of that great big world out there, which seemed just as frightening as staying did.

I chose to escape, with my son, but more importantly “for” my son. He and I left that life, and started a new one. In making that choice I realized how important a stable life is, not just for my son, but for myself as well. Had I not been able to even “have” a choice, I don’t know if we would even still be alive. That choice, allowed me to fulfill my dream of teaching. The subject just changed, another choice. Now I am able to teach others how to defend themselves against abusive people. Had I not been able to create another option, my son wouldn’t be a brown belt in our style of karate.

I believe in choices. I believe in making choices each and every day on a conscious and “aware” level. Choices can change a child’s life. Choices, can save your own.

Kerry Morgan