This I Believe

Alisha - Chelan, Washington
Entered on February 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

This I Believe

When I first heard about NPR’s “This I Believe”, I was so excited. I thought I’d have no trouble coming up with a few pithy paragraphs that explain my beliefs.

Then I started to think about what I would say. I was stumped. Everything I thought to write about, I found a reason not to. Many of my once strongly-held beliefs disintegrated from certain conditions, mitigating factors, and exceptions. It felt so difficult.

As I thought through all the possibilities, I found a reason to reject all but one unequivocal belief.

I believe that a mother is the most important person in an individual’s life. My mom has influenced my life in so many positive ways and without her I would not be where I am today. Without ever experiencing the love from a mother, a person may not have the ability to show that same love and care to their children.

I have had many experiences in my life where I have been down and out, and I needed someone to comfort me. My friends were there, but I have never felt more comfortable than when I am with my mother. Friends are important to me, and they have been there for me at times; they give me advice that isn’t always the best, but they do not have the wisdom and the knowledge that a mother has. Moms know when there is something wrong with you; they know you better than you know yourself. When I am with her and I have problems going on in my life, she takes them all away; she makes me feel like I can take a break from life and start over. She gives me the advice I need to move on, and the strength I need to get back up when I have fallen. She is the reason I am here right now. She pushes me to do well in school and to try my hardest in everything I do.

Mothers are the first voice a child hears when they are born, the first loving touch they feel, and when they cry, the mother is the one who feeds them and soothes them.. Mothers are like our shield; they protect us from harm and teach us to do right. Mothers are loving creatures whose job in life is to nurture their children and to be there at all times for them. That’s why I believe that a mother is the most important person in an individual’s life.