This I Believe

Kamal - Irvine, California
Entered on February 8, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Dealing with short of base statesmen

I originate from a region traumatized by a group of demanding, threatening, abusive, and domineering strange statesmen with a poor soul, developmental delay, and lack of conscience and morality. Why people are entitled to equal rights, or societies should have civil rules to protect everyone equally, is beyond the comprehension of these strangers. Being short of base in regard to humanity, they engage in behaviors harmful to the society and ultimately to themselves too. In terms of character, they are classified as sociopaths or antisocial for their strong hostility towards social justice. Like other sociopaths, their behavior rarely is manageable with compassion, guidance, and redirection. They tend to end up in jail if alive, and in the grave if fighting with determined people who defend themselves against their violence. Some of them become the victims of violence by their rivals.

Some of them with a better access to resources might stay alive and move up in the ladder to even become the head of a state. While many nations have learned to reject the governing style of such statesmen, the troubled parts of the world still seem to harbor and nurture them. When they move up in politics, they tend to manipulate their own people with superstition that they are superior and entitled to discriminate against others with a different gender, race, ethnicity, faith, and world view. They might create an atmosphere in which a disadvantaged gender has to protect self via a head to toe cover, a disadvantaged faithful via conversion, and a disadvantaged ethnicity via denial of their own identity and language.

Despite constant misleading of the masses, most people under the thumb of short of base statesmen do not become fully convinced of their superiority claim and if free, they turn away from them. People with a less serious pathology, self admirers who are not harmful to others, find their way and join the healthy people who consider self and others as equal and who are determined to end the reign of such statesmen.

Unfortunately those who have been traumatized under the rule of brutal statesmen might lose trust not only in self but even in those who oppose all forms of injustice. If not for the lack of resources and knowledge, it is most likely for the loss of confidence that the traumatized people do not object injustice and humiliation. Probably they are not fully informed that short of base statesmen are weaker than them not only ideologically but also in terms of courage and endurance and will back off if challenged by assertive people who demand justice.

I believe if the people of my origin were free and had access to resources and knowledge, they would have peacefully and unanimously demanded freedom to choose and the right of self determination to end the reign of short of base statesmen who are threatening them form north, south, east, and west.