This I Believe

Dustin - West Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on February 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Trust Is Like A One Of A Kind Vase

Trust is defined as the reliance on another. Trust is an intangible privilege that every single person is given when they come into this world. I believe in trust and live for it everyday. Trust alone will lead to other important aspects of life such as respect and courteousness from others. Trust, much like a popular one of a kind vase, needs to be cherished, in that when that vase is broken, no vase can be the same just as if trust was broken.

My dad has taught me the most about trust. He has always preached to me about how I should never lie to him because he would never trust me as much as he did before I lied. He told me how I should just not lie in general. He was right. Throughout my I have gained many people’s respect such as teachers, friends, and coaches due to honesty. When you gain trust from people, it is as if they are handing you their own personal vase that is to be handled with the greatest respect. Not only do I receive the trust from others when I do not lie, but I trust that person with my own vase.

Imagine a prestigious vase on display in a museum, and someone knocks it onto the sturdy floor shattering it into a thousand pieces making it impossible to piece back together. This is how I believe trust works; if someone breaks the special trust bond just one time, then that bond gets shattered just like the vase. This vase can never be complete again. One could try to glue all the pieces back together, but there would always be cracks and the vase would not be trustworthy. Trust that is broken can never be the same.

I have personally experienced the vase being shattered. My step brother carelessly broke the vase that my father had on display. However, my step brother did not just break the vase ,but, he picked it up and threw it against the wall. The vase disassembled into a thousand pieces against the wall and each individual piece that still had a chance of regaining some importance was broke against the floor. He lied to my dad about vandalizing, doing drugs, and stealing. He crushed the special trust bond that he and my dad had shared together and it can never be put back together.

I will continue to live my life according to my belief in trust. If I am careful with the vase all the time, then others around me will be careful with the vase as well. Trust is an intangible object given to every single one of us when we come into this world; however, we can lose it in just an instant. It might take the rest of one’s life to regain the trust, but just like the shattered vase, it will never be the same. For me, I will always try to keep the vase on display. This I believe.