This I Believe

Adam - Decatur, Georgia
Entered on February 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Yes, there are more than 60 million bloggers, and yes everyone from your mother to your little sister to your great-aunt has a blog, but that’s not why I believe in blogging.

It’s also true that every teeny-bopper junior high girl has a blog and writes post after post about who likes who and who kissed who behind the tennis courts during the high school football game. Again, that’s not why I believe in blogging.

I believe in blogging because blogging gives a voice to everyone. Blogging takes the power out of the hands of the elite and gives the power of words and communication to those who may otherwise have no power to speak. Blogging gives anyone who is able to create a blog a platform to share their thoughts, ideas and stories.

I believe in blogging because of the community that it can create. Are there problems? Yes. Are there miscommunications in the blogging world? Of course, yes. However, I’ve seen beautiful expressions of community come to be formed through the relational networks created through the blogosphere. In the circle of “blog-friends” I run with, we experienced a father’s pain when his child was diagnosed with leukemia. We experienced the journey along with him as he blogged about his family’s joys, sadness and hopes and were able to support him financially and emotionally.

Another time, this same community was able to pitch in financially and help buy a ticket for a friend who desperately needed a break and the chance to spend time with a certain community but didn’t have the finances to make it to the gathering.

I also believe in the dangers of blogging, the time-consumption, the temptation to avoid other forms of community and to stay hidden behind the screen and keyboard. But I still believe in the good of blogging – whether it’s simply a fad of the early 21st century, or whether it’s a new form of new media and communication that is here to stay – blogging is something that can help contribute to bringing about good in the world today. Blogs are allowing people to be heard who would not otherwise have been given a forum to speak; they are creating new types of communities and new ways of connecting and being in relational networks to one another. It is for these reasons, that I choose to believe in blogging.