Just For Love

Jacob - USA
Entered on February 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I Believe in Love. I believe that love is one of the best experiences I will ever have in life. To know someone can love me so much that they want to spend the rest of their lives with me is something unbelievable. And to love them the same is something never to be forgotten. It all began in junior year of high school. It might seem strange that I am meeting her for the first time since we went to school the whole year so far, but what you might not expect is that she was a foreign exchange student.

As on a regular day, my friend Devin and I were in physics class together working on are assignments. Devin’s girlfriend somehow came into the picture that day and asked her friend Katrin if she wanted to go bowling. I was also asked to go bowling and so I thought I might get the chance to ask her (Katrin) to prom. We all went bowling at the local lanes in Crawfordsville, Indiana. After a few intensely nervous games of bowling and a few extremely nervous conversations, I asked her if she would like me to escort her to prom. Fortunately, she said yes. From there on we went on date after date. Everyday, growing closer and closer to each other, until finally we fell in Love. Prom night seemed to be magical. One of the best nights of my life, and all of it spent with her. The thing was, she still had to go back to her country after school was over. She was going back, but that wouldn’t stop me from seeing her. We were both worried how we could ever make it 3,000 miles apart from each other and keep a relationship. We both loved each other enough not to ever give up. I decided I would have to sell my 1994 Mustang so I would be able to go see her in Germany. So that’s what I did. After flying for 14 hours I arrived at Frankfurt International airport, awaited by my love with a kiss. The warm summer in Germany began with getting to know her friends and family. After the time went by, we were now closer than ever, fearing the day I would have to go back home. I learned from this experience that love is something to be cherished and not be taken advantage of. You just might not know what you have until it’s gone.

Even during the time we were apart, we loved each other enough to stay together and make things work. Even to this day we are still together. Like I said, the love we have is one of a kind. Love can be many things, sharing your first kiss together, making a photo album together of the times you’ve shared together, getting a tattoo of your loves initial on your ankle and even the occasional flight to another country by selling you car. This to me is love. What I believe in.

Ich liebe dich Katrin!