This I Believe

Johnie - Bella Vista, Arkansas
Entered on February 7, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe, compassion will save us all. He sat across from me, this young man with sad blue eyes. “She was fine a week before, walking around and everything.” I sit quietly holding back my own tears. “Then she went into a coma and died. She died right in front of me and there was nothing I could do.” There are no words of comfort or wisdom to offer, so I let the tears fall down my face. It is there in that moment that I am aware of my own suffering. My father taught me the art of true compassion. As a young child I hung on his every word, “Be kind to others, put yourself in their shoes.” Through out my life this strong sense of responsibility to helping others. It was my father’s words which stayed with me and inspire me still. Compassion is what binds us to one another, with one look, a touch of ones hand, a genuine connection.

The ability to feel, truly feel is a bond with my father. More than this, compassion is what keeps me going. This I beleive to be the ultimate truth, compassion is the unspoken transfer of complete understanding which can elevate people of every creed and nation to a higher level of existance. This I believe, compassion has saved me.