This I Believe

Chelsea - Harlan, Indiana
Entered on February 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Too many times to think of in my life, I have messed up. My mess ups are usually something small like forgetting to put my clean clothes away or not remembering to call my parents when I was going to be late, but there are also times when it’s much worse than that. Times like accidentally gossiping about someone when that person was within hearing distance or having to make a choice between two things and end up choosing the wrong one.

Every time I mess up, I immediately go over everything in my head. Some of the thoughts running through my head are too many people are going to be mad or upset about my mess up, what could I have done differently, and even what will I say to people if and when they question me about it. That is when I am hardest on myself. When it comes to the actual face to face confrontation, it usually goes totally different than I had originally thought out and frequently ends completely different too, many times worse.

It is in time after everything has occurred and before I have actually been forgiven, that I realize that the people affected by my mess up might not forgive me. After a few days or even weeks or months and some “I apologize” and “I am sorry” many of the people effected by my mess up usually forgive me. It is right after people forgive me that I realize just how lucky I am and that I have just earned my second chance. It is that second chance that gives me hope. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance no matter what they do.

It is impossible to be perfect in our world today and people, just like I have several times before, mess up. Lots of times people will give second chances without actually realizing it, but to the receiver it is a special gift. To give a second chance to someone is a very kind and noble thing, but to receive a second chance is something greater, it’s like getting another chance at life.