This I Believe

Annie - Hillsboro, Indiana
Entered on February 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I think about something I believe in, I thought well, what do I really believe in? I believe that being active and keeping your body healthy is very important. Exercising and keeping my body in good shape is very important to me. I’ve always been in some kind of sport whether it be little league baseball when I was little or high school and college sports as I got older. I loved running and really had fun doing gymnastics and diving. I played four sports in high school cross country in the fall, gymnastics and diving in the winter, and track in the spring.

My mom always pushed me to be a better athlete and was always there to help me when I was hurting. My coaches also really helped me stick with all these sports that I did. Brian Miller, my high school track coach, always pushed me to be better and helped me grow as a person and as an athlete. He was the best coach I think anyone could ever ask for.

College for me is so much easier when I am doing some kind of sport. I don’t think I would have been able to make it through high school with out my sports they are what kept me on time with all my school work. Working out is what keeps my mind focused. If I didn’t work out I would go crazy and also I think that the people close to me would go crazy too because I wouldn’t be expressing my emotions in a healthy way.

Being active is a way for a person to express certain emotions in a healthy way. I’m in a health and kinesiology class that is teaching about how to express emotions and one of the things at the top of the list is exercise. When you exercise your body stays in shape and you are helping yourself from obesity, some heart diseases, and other health problems; you can meet new people and work on your social networking too. Which means that when you are working out you are not only working physically but you are working your social, emotional, and your psychological wellness too.