This I Believe

Myung - West Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on February 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

True Friends

When I am in a difficult situation on need help with something, I think about the people that mean the most to me: my friends. I expect everyone had at least a similar situation before. There is an old saying in Korea that if there is anyone who had three lifelong friends from teenagers to the grave, everyone can say he or she had a very successful life. Then, what type of person do I consider as a real ‘friend’?

I met a person when I was in second grade; we were pretty close to each other therefore we spent a lot of time together until fourth grader. Later eventually we stopped seeing each other and had nothing to talk about. The reason is simple. We did not have something in common. Even though we were close to each other for almost three years, I believe we were not true friends.

When I was in eighth grade, I met a different guy. He seemed he doesn’t like to see other people. We were not very close to each other at first, but as the time passed by, we became really close to each other. We realized we had similar characteristics, thoughts, interests in activities, and great participation in school life. Although, we hung out together and studied, we also shared our concerns for our future and worries about school and friends. This was possible because it genuine friendship without any different purpose or intention.

Later, I had a chance to talk to my friend from second grade and he told me that he wanted me as his friend because he thought I seemed like an adult so that he can learn how I behave to people. However, my friend from ninth grade is different. From the first time we met, we always recognized our genuineness. I believe that this is happened because we are true to each others.

The worldly renowned novel, The Giving Tree, written by Shel Silverstein, expresses the unchanged love and friendship between two characters. Like the tree in the novel shows the role model type of friendship for a life. The tree provides everything he has to the boy and did not demand a thing for himself. I believe those kind of friendship is real. Not the friends in need who backstab people when they are no longer unnecessary to them.

As I appreciate to my friend we bear with me for long time and as he appreciates me for continuing attention, it really does not matter how many friends both of us have. It only matters that we still shares one greatest thing in common. The unchanged friendship over the long period. This is something money cannot buy. This is something not everyone has. But most importantly, this is the most precious thing in my life. And this is what I believe.