This I Believe

Avi - Greensboro, North Carolina
Entered on February 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe in the power of small things, the things that bring smiles to people’s faces. One time I was in Goodwill, sitting on the shelf was a rectangular, glass prism with an image of a hummingbird and two flowers in it. I picked it up, and I noticed that it cost only one dollar. Looking at it I smiled.

Sometimes I get sad or mad or any other number of feelings that can not be avoided. Sometimes I want to feel this way and other times these feelings are very unwelcome. Usually feelings like sadness, anger, depression, are things that we can not look away from in life. These are feelings that someone can wrap themselves up in and not notice the other things in life.

In life the small things are the things that need to be noticed. One thing can brighten up a day my day. Maybe even change my emotions from sad to happy. A small thing may be just the smile from my friend which makes me smile and which may make another friend smile from it. A small thing might even be someone holding open a door for me, and after I walk through I forget some of my troubles. The small things in life do many things throughout my daily life. Sometimes they distract me from having to wake up so early for school. Other times the small things drag me away from the real world. But no matter what, I am being distracted from, or what feeling I can let go of because of the small things, they always get me through the day.

The rectangular prism used to sit on my desk; whenever I would come back to my room and sit down at my desk I would look over at it and I would remember to find the beauty in the small things in life. Now it is passed on to sit on someone else’s desk to sit there and remind them and as that does hopefully this I believe shall remind you. Life is full of beauty sometimes it is in the places that we don’t always look at and we have look closely to find it.