This I Believe

Marcie - springboro, Ohio
Entered on February 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in more than that which I have lost faith in.

I believe in taking time to listen to teenagers—they have so much to say, and if I, as a teacher and an adult turn my ear away, they will tell someone else. Someone who perhaps will not care enough to respond in a way that I can.

As a person who has needed forgiveness that I did not deserve, I believe in giving more chances than one wants to.

The power of laughter has bandaged more wounds, stopped tornados, floods and massacres… it is easier to stop them than to clean up after them.

I believe that friendships require work, and that most of them are worth working on.

I do not believe that all adults and parents are worthy of respect, yet they must be respected.

And finally, I believe that an educated voice is worth hearing, an ignorant voice is worth quieting, and the choice to be heard is the choice to be a humble student of the wise, the ignoble, the just, the cruel, and the silent.