This I Believe

Corey - Chelan, Washington
Entered on February 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that society should see others in a positive way; seeking others for who they are. Instead of whom they are not.

I have moved many different times and seen many different traits among others. I have plastered what people what they had labeled me upon their foreheads, forever reminding me what they perceive me as.

When I was 8, I moved away from all my friends and began a while new life, with all new possibilities. From the first day I started my new school, there was a group of guys that were always giving me a hard time. I didn’t think that I would ever perceive them in any other way. After a few years, I began to think of people, not negatively, but in a positive manner, seeing others when on their kind-hearted side, instead of their unpleasant side.

Over the years I have moved many more times, and with each new move brought the same results, but I still remember what I have learned from these past experiences. Many years later I still have peers banter me with harsh words or actions.

So here I a, 17 years old, 9 years later, 9 years wiser. What I might have thought would have gone away is still very much relevant. Most nicknames that have been given over the years are pretty ugly. However there is one that I am proud of and that is big brother.

My little sister has been raised in this crooked society today. I have instilled an understanding to her, that without would have ended her up like a stereotypical person, when instead gave her a head start in life thinking the correct way. It is true that I cant change her ultimate destiny, but what I am most proud of is that she will end up looking past the corruption and crookedness of her peers and see them for who they are.

One day I hope to see society looking further then what is on the surface of the unpleasant side of people and instead looking to their more kind-hearted side and not focusing on that label that they plastered upon the person that has thought so ill like of them. It could take a life-time for this “dream” to even start to become relevant, but as long as someday it begins; that is when people will realize that what has been going on for many years isn’t what they thought it was. That what was once thought as a great outlook; was indeed the exact opposite.

In essence, if all society sees what I see the eminent truth of a near perfect society could be created. As a society there is a long road ahead of us, but the fact is it always starts out difficult. The stepping stone to a positive mindset is a tough road, but it can be accomplished if our minds are set to it.