This I Believe

Chelsea - 22553, Virginia
Entered on February 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Family Time during Dinner Time

I believe in the importance of family dinners; this time that families spend together creates everlasting bonds.

Ever since I can remember, dinner time was the hour of the day when my family and I sat down together to nourish our souls along with our bodies. My Dad cooks grandma-always-made-it chipped beef gravy and mouth watering steaks while my Mom chooses to delight us with creative cookbook cuisines. However, what we eat doesn’t matter as much as the time we spend together in our cozy kitchen filled with feelings of comfort and closeness.

Dinner time is the time to communicate. I love to listen to my mom talk about the different people that she deals with on a regular basis. I love to hear about the new events that occur at my dad’s work. I love to listen to my brothers tell about the crazy things they do during school. A few times I have found myself laughing out loud from the ridiculous things that they describe. When friends or family members come to visit, they are engulfed in our dinner time tradition. They too get to hear about all the different things that go on during our day. We in turn get to hear some totally new things about the lives of the people who are dear to us.

Some nights we do have a fend-for-yourself dinner atmosphere. The last time one of these nights occurred, I made myself two frozen pre-packaged microwaveable chicken and cheese Taquitos and a side of plastic container apple sauce. As I sat in the vast sadness eating alone, mulling over the metallic taste of my applesauce, I realized that I could never handle going for a prolonged period of time without a family dinner. Dinner is something that I treasure.

In a world where Americans and their foods are increasingly pre-packaged and processed; a world where food leaves us emotionally hollow – the family dinner is essential.

I believe in the importance of family dinners. The bond that is created during dinner is everlasting and prevails no matter what path members in the family choose to travel. When I move out and get a place of my own, a wooden dinner table is the first piece of furniture I plan on buying.