This I Believe

Brian - Woodbury, Minnesota
Entered on February 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that friends should be there for friends. Not just sit back and watch

I believe that good friends are there when you need them. Also if you have some good friends cherish them for as long as they last. I had a couple of good friends at my last school. But by the end of the year I had pushed them away so much they started to tease me. This was very depressing to me because it felt like everyone d me, however when me friends left me on my own I got really sad and my grades showed it.

I have had my fair share of good friends, bad friends, happy friends and sad friends but I always have friends that make fun of me. When I started at my old school in second grade I tried to find a best friend. But instead I found more bullies that made life suck so much that I didn’t want to ride the bus. The first day I was there the teasing duo Peter and Jason teased me so bad I d the thought of going back. On one hand I wanted to ride the bus so I could make new friends that would help me when I was teased. On the other hand I knew if rode the bus I would probably get teased.

It seemed like it was a lose-lose situation. I needed more friends on my bus so I wouldn’t get teased as much. But when I got teased on the bus, all the kids would laugh at me so I could never make new friends. I did have friends in my grade and in my classes. But none of them rode my bus. Eventually my dad just drove me to school every day.

When I was teased my first friends never just sat back and laughed at me. They always jumped in and tried to help me out. I remember the day my friend Levon came to school. Everyone was afraid of him because he was so big and tall. No one wanted to talk to him because they were afraid. But my friend Dani walked right up to him and talked to him. Of course, Dani had no fears. She was a good friend to have. Dani never played much with the s. She liked sports and hanging out with the guys. She even got detention with us. Unfortunately, Dani left in 5th grade because her family moved to Wisconsin.

That started the downward slope of trouble for me. By the end of 8th grade, I had no friends at my school. I had one good friend in the neighborhood so I didn’t feel so alone. I also have my sister to help me through. I was glad to graduate in 8th grade so I wouldn’t have to go back there.

This year is my first year at Crosswinds. I was very next in the first days. But the people were very nice to me. Not just the teachers. But almost every student said “hi”. Now the bus is a safe haven and a social event for me. Everyone on my bus is my friend. I do not anyone on my bus, but some of them just get on my nerves. If anyone teased someone on my bus, I would do something to stop it. I left my basketball jersey the first day I got it. Taylor picked it up and held it until he saw me next. My friend Kelsey left her hat on the bus and I picked it up and gave it to her the next day. That’s what good friends do.