This I Believe

Linda - New Bedford, Massachusetts
Entered on February 6, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: community

This I believe: I live in a city full of hope.

When I was growing up in New York City, I never imagined myself living anywhere else. That was my home, the center of cultural diversity and the city where more dreams than anyone could imagine could become true.

Then I met my best friend Kim, who spent her summers vacationing between Hyannis and New Bedford. An ancestor of the great Cape Verdean whalers, every summer she praised the great city where most of her relatives lived: New Bedford. Post card after post card, she shared her stories and love of this city, and I lived vicariously through her.

Ten years later, after living in Hyannis and Boston, my life came full circle, and I settled in my old compadre’s stomping grounds, a move that immediately felt like being home.

I’m a banker by day and a writer at heart. Fundamentally, I consider myself an artist who can see the beauty that may not be so apparent to others – the gorgeous architecture sprawled throughout the city, flourishing parks, neighborhoods keeping their old charm, and the most successful fishing port in the country.

What do I see when I look around? I see New Bedford as a diamond in the rough. I don’t see old abandoned mills. I see the possibility for growth and transformation. I believe the waterfront and downtown have the potential of being just like Portland, Maine, the galleries bustling with buyers and admirers, and I envision a train leading us not away from this wonderful resource but rather bringing people down to enjoy the beauty that New Bedford has to offer.

I believe that the youth of New Bedford can be inspired to help make these changes become a reality. With the right resources and the right motivation, they too can have a positive impact on this city.

There’s a lot I believe in, but the most important belief I have is that I am blessed to live here, and as I take in all that this city has to offer, I am grateful that this is where I finally landed.