This I Believe

Matthew - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on February 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Expressing Emotions

I believe in emotions. Emotions are a fundamental way to cope with stress and show a person’s personality. Without emotions, humans would lose the ability to express themselves. Life is stressful. We as humans need something to help us deal with that stress. We relieve that stress by crying, laughing or just expressing ourselves in a form of music and art. When we laugh we relieve that stress. Even when we are just expressing ourselves in a form of art or music we relieve that stress.

I believe in watching sad movies and listening to sad music while letting the tears flow. No one should be afraid to cry. Crying shows strength and security of character. It shows that we care and it always makes us feel better. Expressing that one emotion can help you and those around you feel better. You seem to get a feeling of ecstasy after a good sob.

I believe in laughing and laughing hard. Laughing should resonate. When you laugh you should shine and show the world that you are having a good time. People should laugh simply because of the sound of other people’s laughter, it’s contagious. Some people seem to be afraid to laugh. They are the ones who think that crying is absurd. No one should be afraid. You should laugh hard and loud. Just like crying you get the same ‘on top of the world’ kind of feeling when you laugh and you feel so much better in the end.

I believe that emotions are essential components in life itself. We need them to survive. When a loved one dies, we need that feeling of regret and remorse to be able to move on with our lives. When we have something important to say we need the passion to be able to scream it, so that the world is able to hear. When we are in love we need the agony of wanting and the devotion to be able to express our deep adoration. What are we when we cannot laugh at a joke or chuckle with friends when there is something humoros noticed or said?

I believe that we should let out our emotions. The world should be able to hear our passionate lectures or see our ingenious creations that have been created from the depths of our minds.

I believe that one can achieve that feeling of ecstasy after expressing a powerful emotion. When you are passionate about what you are expressing you can’t help the feeling that comes along with it. It is the feeling of accomplishment and achievement.

I believe that one should not have to be judged because of what their persona implies. People should not be afraid to laugh or cry. They should not have to worry about what people think about their art or music. They should take their emotions and let them run wild. Their emotions should be transformed into creativity. Dance, sing, draw, paint, play an instrument. What is creativity without emotion? The answer is nothing. Without passion there is no love and without love there is no hope for individualism.

I believe in watching sad movies and listening to sad music, in laughing and laughing hard, and in unconditional judgment. Most of all I believe in emotions. Our life depends on our emotions and it is up to us to express them in as many ways we can. Go out and cry, laugh, sing, dance, enjoy life through your emotions.