This I Believe

Grace - Saint Paul, Minnesota
Entered on February 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Two-sided luck

I grew up with luck all around me. When I was little I use to go to Walgreens with my grandpa and see the rabbit feet and he’d start talking about all the luck he could imagine.

I’m Irish, which may be why luck is such a big part of who I am. When you grow up with something all around you and as part of your heritage it’s pretty hard not to believe in it.

My dad always says “I’d rather be lucky than good,” I always laugh and we move on but it’s always there at the back of my mind. I guess being good is handy in the long run. I’m 14. I don’t need to worry about the long run. I need to have something to believe in. I need something to think about now. What I’m thinking about it luck. That to me is knowing no matter how bad you screw up you always have the chance to be lucky.

My mom always tells me I have a horseshoe around my neck. She says I’m always winning things wherever we go and that there’s got to be some reason for it. My grandpa must agree considering that he makes me choose the raffle tickets, the lottery game to play and which horse to bet on at the racetrack.

What can I say? I love luck and luck loves me. I’ve always been lucky. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t win something at a raffle or a time I didn’t draw my own name out of a hat to win a prize. That’s probably why I believe in it so much, it always works out in my favor. On the off-chance it doesn’t work well you’ve just got to live with it.

Not every part of anything can be all good. If it was life wouldn’t be life. If your going to believe luck you got to believe in all luck—the good, the bad even the sheer dumb luck. Luck can be the greatest thing in the world. Such as winning the lottery, randomly bumping into your soul mate, even just winning a small prize or acing your test that you didn’t study for. Luck can also be sheer accident the ball falling in your glove to win the game, missing your bus stop just to watch it break down a block up the road. Luck can also be your worst nightmare. In an instant it can make you hate parts of your life that you loved. That is why I believe in luck it’s not one sided, it’s not all good, because lets face it. Nothing in life is all good. If it has two sides its real, not just a myth.

I believe in all luck but I take what I get. Of course there’s wishful thinking if you get the bad luck. But life goes on. The luck never ends.