This I Believe

Corey - Chelan, Washington
Entered on February 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that society should see others in positive ways seeking who they are not negatively and for whom they’re not.

I have moved many times and seen many different traits among others. I had plastered the way someone thinks about me on their forehead.

When I was 8, I moved away from all my friends and began a whole new life, with all new possibilities. From the first day that I had started at my new school there was a group of guys that were always giving me a hard time. I didn’t think that I would see these guys in any other way. A few years later I began to learn to think pf people, not negatively, but in a positive way. When I saw them interacting one day with each other in a friendly manor, I knew that they do have good in them.

Over the years I have moved many more times, with each new move bringing the same results, but I still remember. Many of these people turn and do the same thing, show me their “other” side. Many years later I still experience the same old stuff.

So here I am 17 years old, 9 years later, 9 years wiser. What I might have thought would have gone away is still very much relevant. Most nicknames that have been given over the years are pretty ugly. However, there is one that I am proud of and that is big brother.

My little sister has been raised in this society. What would probably have escalated to her becoming the next Paris Hilton or Brittney Spears was teaching her other things along with to see the good in people. It is true I can’t change her ultimate destiny but what I’m proud of is that she will now see people as I do.

One day I hope to see society looking past the bad people and instead looking to their good side and not focusing on the label that they smacked on their foreheads. It could take 200 years for this to start to become relevant, but as long as someday this reality is reached.

In essence is if all of society sees what I see the eminent truth of a near perfect society could be created. As a society there is a long road ahead of us, but the fact is it always starts out difficult. The stepping stone to a positive mindset is a tough road, but it can be accomplished if our minds are set to it.