This I Believe

Allison - Notre Dame, Indiana
Entered on February 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: fear

I believe that Valentine’s Day is an overemphasized holiday that stresses the wrong cultural ideas. Although the idea behind Valentine’s Day is a nice thought, especially considering it is nice to have someone appreciate you, I do not think there needs to be a specific day devoted to saying you love someone. If you love someone, it should not matter if it is February 14th or not.

From a practical standpoint, Valentine’s Day as a child was a nuisance. Every year you were forced to fill out a valentine for fellow classmates, whether you liked them or not. Usually this consisted of putting 25 different names on pieces of cardstock with some popular cartoon or animal and then having to sign your name another 25 times. One year I specifically remember spelling my name wrong out of repetition. I also clearly remember the girl pointing it out.

Emotionally, I also think Valentines Day can do a lot of damage to a teenagers ego, especially in their younger years. Not that I am speaking from personal experience, but there will always be that girl in junior high who received 5 or more flowers compared to your one or none.

There is a reason Valentine’s Day is called “Single Awareness Day.” Valentine’s Day receives so much hype that it can be annoying to anyone who does not have a significant other at the time. The cultural emphasis on the fact that you need someone else to make you happy would be upsetting to anyone, let alone the principle that happiness should be found in someone else instead of finding it for yourself. People who are single are always depressed on Valentine’s Day for absolutely no reason. They are only missing out on a holiday that can ruin their teeth. At least to me, even when you do have a significant other, that amount of commercialized stuff that is thrust in your face is obnoxious. Do you really need a white light up teddy bear that says, “I love you”?

Also, my fashion conscious friend will agree with me in saying that pink and red never did anything for anyone’s skin tone. Even worse are those horrible sweaters doused with pink and red hearts that are only wearable one day of the year.

Although it may seem like I have an undying hate for Valentine’s Day, I am not completely cynical, nor do I run around screaming that it should not be celebrated. Seeing as it is approaching, I may participate the normal Valentines Day festivities including flowers and candy, but I still think it is annoying.