This I Believe

Susan - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on February 5, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: democracy

I believe that campaigne finance reform is criticle to keeping a strong democratic country. Our politicions have been hijacked by large corporations with lobbying dollars to spend, to increase their profits.Recently, the governor of Texas announced that all female school children will be required to be vaccinated to prevent paploma virsus that may cause cancer. His top aid just quit working for Perry and is now representing Merck, a pharmasuticle company that makes and sells the drug that will be used for the mass vacinations. If our politicians are funfed by funds other that public monies, they will be behoden to the people who write their checks for their campaign use. Right now we are the greatest country money can buy. Corporations are making our laws, not the elected politicians. They have a natural conflict of interest and it is human nature to please the people donate to your campaign. If all national elections were run only by public funds fairly distributed to all viable national candidates with a limited number of weeks to campaign, I believe we would elect better representives to congress.