This I Believe

Elva - Arlington, Texas
Entered on February 4, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I Believe in Polyester

I believe in polyester. I will not succumb to the dictates of the so-called “fashionistas” who years ago decreed that polyester is gauche, uncool, unfashionable…so, 70’s. I, as one of the “cool people,” was told that polyester is so inelegant, but mostly that it is just plain ugly.

There is obviously a payoff to the fashion industry if I believe that polyester is ugly. The payoff is that cotton and wool and silk wear out a lot faster, and tear, shrink, and fade too, which results in a bigger percentage of my budget going to replace items in my wardrobe.

For a time, I listened to these gurus of the fashion world…I was a poly hater too. But then I wised up and learned the truth.

This is the truth about polyester:

• Polyester doesn’t shrink like cotton or wool. In fact, it doesn’t shrink at all.

• Polyester takes any color of dye beautifully… bright or dull, matte or shiny, regular or microfiber. The fiber thickness (called “denier” in the trade) can be thick for bulky fabric, perhaps for winter coats, or thinner than one baby hair, for summer wear…it is extremely versatile.

• Polyester doesn’t fade, even when you mistreat it by goofing up and washing it in hot water or drying it on high heat.

• Polyester uses only half the amount of electricity as cotton because it dries so fast.

• Polyester can be produced to imitate the most luxurious fabrics…even silk. To determine whether a fabric is “natural” or is polyester, even fabric experts must perform a burn test or use other means…they can’t tell by just appearance or feel.

• Today’s styles call for clothing to cling to a woman’s body to show every curve. Polyester steps up. Simply add in a bit of spandex. Don’t want “clingy clothes? Prefer a looser fit with fabric that drapes over your body in a more flattering way? Call on my friend poly.

• Polyester is strong…much stronger than the natural fibers such as cotton and wool which are designer favorites. …which means that poly wears like iron and lasts for years. Not a good thing if you want your customers to buy your new line of clothing each year.

• Polyester is easy care (an important factor to me…throw it in the washer…hot or cold water is okay, throw it in the dryer…low or high heat is okay….hang it up as soon as the dryer shuts off, but if you don’t get there right away, just give it a few more tumbles in the dryer…it’ll be fine….no wrinkles, no ironing.

• Oh, sure, I could send polyester to the dry cleaners; it can take whatever abuse I throw at it…it’s a humble fabric, not fussy, doesn’t insist on “special handling.” But why would I? I wouldn’t and I don’t.

• Poly saves money in all the ways mentioned above…wears longer, dries faster, in addition to costing less than cotton or wool or silk in the first place…

I believe in Polyester. And I hope that all Americans will join my revolt against those who selfishly “dis” Polyester. Poly rocks.