This I Believe

victoria - oklahoma, Oklahoma
Entered on February 4, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: parenthood

I have listened to this series with great interest. The ones I have heard all sound so great. The people who wrote them seemed to have so much conviction, so sure of their thought, feelings and beliefs. They made me stop and think, what do I believe? quiet reflection brought nothing to mind, I seem to go from day to day doing the same things, helping my son get through each day at school, helping my husband with his patients, helping my daughter with her daughter, and trying to be there for my friends. But then something happened. My Dad got sick, and had to have an emergency surgery. All my life I have had a fierce love for him. Emergency surgery makes you think “what if?” Now I know ‘SOME” of what I believe. I believe in the power of laughter. There is not enough laughter in the world. My dad makes me laugh. Just hearing his voice of the telephone makes me laugh. He is an articulate man, a writer who can see into peoples souls. Being around him lifts my spirits, leaves me with a feeling of happiness and peace. I t is hard to imagine war going of if we cared enough about each other to make them laugh. The good feeling they got from their laughter would carry over to the next person. I have the same love for my father as most children do, at any age. He is a great man. But his ability to laugh and make people laught, that is a blessing and a gift we all need to share. Maybe this is too simple, the love of a parent, laughter to cure the worlds ills, but this is what I believe.