This I Believe

Megan - Fredericksburg, Virginia
Entered on February 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Reading is the key to Imagination

I believe in pirate ships and fairies. I believe in little boys that never grow up and vampires that never sleep. I believe that reading feeds the imagination and is the greatest form of escape.

To me, opening a book is like opening a door to another world. One moment I am in my room surrounded by pictures of my family and friends, and all of my childhood memories. My neon blue walls covered in chalk graffiti and magazine clippings watching my every move. But the next thing I know I’m soaring through the neon blue sky, up and over the chalky white clouds, on the back of a dragon; its emerald green scales glinting in the afternoon sunlight. The land below offering only blurs of color amid the green trees rushing by. My hair is short, blonde, and crudely cut in a boyish style. The pants that I stole from the village tailor are torn at the knee and my eyes are wide with fear of falling through the sky into the waiting forest below.

Or maybe this time I end up in a forest, searching for a dark man, trying to avenge my family and uphold their honor. This time my hair is raven black and flowing down to the middle of my back and framing my thin face and my hollow cheek bones. My blood red cloak slips aside to show a glint of a silver sword hanging from a holster on my belt as I urge my snow white horse onward.

Each time I open a new book, I step through a new door. Each time I have a new face, a new life, and a new story that I’m eager to explore and experience. Sometimes I’m a pirate; sometimes I’m a princess. A lot of times, I’m an average teen, but just not me. I’m someone with different problems and different friends and different strengths. Reading is an amazing thing. Not only does it help to feed your imagination and soul; books greatly enhance your vocabulary and help you work through life problems and teach important lessons. Because all of us as “average people” need to escape and live someone else’s life for a while.

So I believe in magic, and I believe in demons. I believe in interplanetary time travel, and I believe that reading is the key to experiencing it all.