This I Believe

Papa - Aliso Viejow, California
Entered on February 4, 2007
Age Group: 65+

This I Believe:

The Global Warming issue will become the catalyst that finally unites the world with a common goal that benefits everyone.

It is a wonderful happening. We have been slogging along in a rut for too long. Too many of us have paid the price of our collective failure to ratchet ourselves up to a higher civilized state.

This happening will enable everyone to focus on our world and what is best for it and all of us that live in it. It will be the spark that ignites workable solutions to all the big and little problems that we have in getting along with everyone else.

It will serve as a reminder to us that our existence is not guaranteed, but conditioned on how we behave. It is a wake up call. It will take many years to be implemented fully – probably more than our lifetimes. But it will be implemented because the nature of the human being is to survive like any other life form, and finally we humans have something that we cannot ignore, something that is more important than all our individual desires and ambitions