This I Believe

Andrew - Strongsville, Ohio
Entered on February 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in overcoming the odds; “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity” said Albert Einstein. My own interpretation of overcoming the odds is that one person, the underdog, the last shot, putting in an effort that is what some say impossible and coming out on top. Overcoming the odds is a great way to understand yourself and to truly see what you are made of. I really didn’t know what I was made of for a long portion of my life. I was a competitive boy with a desire to do something that really would test me. Finally in seventh grade it came. My parents made me go out for wrestling and football. I had a natural talent at both, but felt that wrestling was my sport, due to the head to head competition. Little did I know but wrestling would become one of my greatest obstacles yet.

I was a natural wrestler and was even captain three years during my six-year career. However nothing would prepare me for my upcoming challenge. I was a promising varsity wrestler as a junior with a cocky attitude and an undeserved sense of accomplishment. I wouldn’t change my outlook on wrestling and more importantly life until the last tournament of the year. Looking at the predictions for the tournament I saw that I was predicted to wrestle a tough kid in the finals and loose.

As predicted earlier I did get to face that kid who was ranked sixth in state in the championship match. I knew that If I wanted to win I was going to have to sacrifice every little shred of endurance I had. So I came out pushing and throwing him around but nothing happened. He would counter my moves and get his own points. Eventually it was the third period and he was up by to many points to count. I knew that if I didn’t pin him I would be walking out of here with another lose. So with the clock winding down I grabbed his arm which gave me the leverage to take him down to his back. I squeezed him and held for what would seem to be an hour. Finally with a loud burst of encouragement from my coach, and my dad in the stands I used all of my remaining energy and stuck him.

When thinking back on this event I sometimes realize that what I did may only be possible 1 in every 10 times and that with a great challenge can come an even greater outcome. After that match I really believed that I could do anything and that anything is possible no matter who is determined to win or lose. I overcame and conquered, and I am capable of anything in my own eyes, which is the only place that it matters. When you truly think about it just remember that odds is just a four letter word that means opportunity.