This I Believe

Daniel - Kent, Washington
Entered on February 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Daniel Russell

Life is hard. My uncle Wayne can attest to this fact. He died when he was forty-seven years old. His biggest dream was to see his twin daughters grow up and reach the age of eighteen; he died when they were seventeen. He died of pancreatic cancer, and had that not taken him out, his liver was failing fast, also. He had been a smoker since age eighteen, and though he quit when he was thirty-six, I guess the smoking caught up to him. On top of that, he had been drinking since he was sixteen, and still had not got rid of that habit. This led me to wonder, “How many times do I make life, which is already extremely difficult, harder than it has to be? Sometimes, I have to stop and ask my self that question.

This I believe: in making my life as easy as possible in the long run. Yes, not doing my homework when I am tired would make my life easier for the moment, but finding someone else’s to copy and turning it in without learning the material so that when it’s time for the test I have to go back and learn it is harder than just doing the homework. This belief is also why I don’t binge drink or do drugs, because I’ve seen these things catch up to too many people when they get older. It also affects my health later on in life, so like my uncle, I may not be able to see my kids grow up and be successful. My belief also makes me think about little things. Recently, I made a resolution to really try to do everything parents ask me to do. Maintaining a good relationship with my parents will make my life tremendously easier, because when I get on my own I will need to call them and ask for advice in certain situations. It also affects my posture and health habits. Sitting up straight now and exercising will make my life extremely easier when I get older, as my chances of developing severe back pain or a heart attack will be greatly reduced. Making my life easier in the long run involves disciplining myself now, so that when I get older I can be more disciplined in balancing a budget. No, my belief does not make big questions out of “do I wear yellow or orange today? or “paper or plastic? But it does make me aware of the things that I am doing now, so that when I get older, I will not be an adult who goes on and on about how hard life is.