This I Believe

Kenny - Renton, Washington
Entered on February 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

The idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest.” Albert Einstein. Or is it that the idle man waits on a quick break? Of course some times they do pay off but it’s like hitting the jackpot for lottery. And that’s why I believe that you should work for now and build confidence in your fellow employees and managers who see the work you put into the things you do and know that it’s the better for the company. As working in what is considered a high school job for the past four months I have noticed people don’t try to do their best because that’s what they think it is. They think of it as just a high school job that it doesn’t matter and won’t affect them down the line.

Growing up in a family where money is tight and you work for the things you need to survive, (food, clothes, etc…) learning at a very young age through the actions and words my family members gave me telling me that if you want things in life you need to work hard for them. As my dad reminds me that “The world is a very competitive place and in order to get that raise or to get that job over someone else, even if that person has a better school background they will always take that harder working person.”

Now as an almost 18 year old student, and spending time in the world working as part of America knowing that hard work does pay off and is noticed. It’s the patterns that we start now that will fallow us for the rest of our lives. If you have ever played a sport whether soccer, football, baseball what have you your coach has always said you play like you practice, you can take this same concept and apply it everything in life. Because if you work hard now you will work hard in the future.

For instance: If doctors take short cuts during a surgery or consultation were it could cost the life of that person or many people for that matter its very critical that they don’t make a mistake because they are directly in control of that persons body. Just as if and engineer took a short cut in putting a plane together just to make a deadline not taking the proper steps to completing that plane correctly.

Some shortcuts are fine when it means working smarter, but it was hard work that created these inventions.