This I Believe

Jenny - Avon, Ohio
Entered on February 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in nuturing your soul, achieving inner peace, and the old adage the everything happens for a reason. This, of course coming from a person who can remember such painful experiences that lead me to this belief. I remember crying on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night screaming that is wasn’t fair I married (and divorced) someone so selfish and wrong for me even though I loved him. I carried around the weight of not having a relationship with my father for four years. I have been raising a 6 yr old son even though I was the person never supposed to have children. I have drowned my sorrows in alcohol, ani-depressants, shopping, and anything else that would prevent me from facing the pain. What I have learned though is when life wears you down so thoroughly that you want to drop to your knees and screm “enough”, something seems to happen for the better then. Every bad event, relationship, etc is meant to act as a lesson for us. I truly feel now that I know who I am and what I expect for myself and what I expect others to do (or not) for me. The only person I count on is ME and it is ok to do nice things for myself. I have learned to believe in the power of positive thinking (it really works), the feeling of self worth, and self entitlement. The transformation of a person who feels at east with themself is like having dead weight removed from them. So as I plow through the rest of my life, I learn to expect negative things in a completely different light. As I said before, everything happens for a reason!