This I Believe

Justin - Manson, Washington
Entered on February 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

When I was 14 years old, I went on my very first mission trip to Mexico. The first day there, our Pastor told us not to show or give any money to the Hispanic children.

I though it would be easy to fallow his instruction because in America beggars have dropped out of school, choosing to live their miserable life. So when I see a street bum in Chicago, I won’t feel sympathetic towards them because they chose not to finish schooling. But in a country like Mexico, having a good education won’t get them out of poverty.

When I visited Mexico I noticed how bad their situation was. The houses, about the size of a garden shed, were built from old concrete blocks. Most of the children didn’t have shoes even though their parent completed school. It’s unfair that those parents can finish all their schooling and still be in poverty.

I believe Americans should be grateful they have money in there pocket, even if it’s just enough to buy food and pay the bills. In the past hundred years, Americans have been eccentric understanding their wants over needs. The Ipod, Cell phone, and T.V. are a few of the major items people want but none of them are necessary for survival. Also if teenagers, like me, don’t have these products we complain.

I complained when all my friends had cell phones and I didn’t. I bothered my parents constantly until they finally gave in and bought one. Never once did I respond nicely when they said no.

In 3rd World Countries this isn’t the case. People are in a fight for survival. A loaf of bread and water is like a new cell phone or Ipod to them. They don’t have the opportunity to earn more money or go to college. They’re just stuck in a pit they can’t get out of, unless someone kindly throws down a rope. These people rarely see that rope because their Government is in the same position they are.

That’s why America is eminent. If I injure myself at a job, the Government will give me just enough money to live on while I get better. If I don’t even have a job, the government will create more. The United States cares about their citizens, but the citizens, at times, seem to only notice what our Country produces.

So I believe Americans should not only be grateful for the product, but for the support our Government gives us when we are physically worthless to the economy. 3rd World Countries are in such a struggle that they do whatever it takes to make money even if it’s at the cost of their peoples lives and jobs. I believe, we should be grateful that the U.S. gives us more than one change.