This I Believe

Sarah - bartlesville, Oklahoma
Entered on February 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children

This I believe

I once thought that my teddy bear was real, his name was Boo. I used to talk to him all the time he was my very first teddy bear, and also my best friend (but remember I was 5). But as the years went by I lost my image of Boo being real I never even knew Boo. Back then I had a huge imagination.

I believe that when everyone was little they had a huge imagination when they were a child. I also believe that sometimes even if some of us don’t want to admit it we still use it to make our wildest dreams come true. For example, somebody could imagine that they were flying they could turn there dreams into reality for a while.

I believe that we should let our imagination take flight. If our imagination was used more often we would probably be much happier.

When we become adults we seem to lose almost all of our imagination such as, not believing in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, or there’s a pole in the North Pole. How do we seem to lose this wonderful imagination that we used often when we were little. Did we become wiser than we were before so we didn’t feel the need to use the imagination any more and then we forgot how to use it?

Well we cannot find the answers in the book or online. But really can we find these answers that scientist have been looking for. Maybe we can answer them for ourselves, or maybe not. I leave you with this question ponder about. No one can answer this question within a minute of thinking but you have to think about this question most of your life how much you enjoyed using your imagination as a child. Not experiencing reality like an adult but as someone in a fairy tale character. Maybe like a little munchkin or even an elf. Anything you wanted could come true if you just use your imagination like a child again and for second think you are not grown up anymore. Be like Peter Pan and Tinker Bell one more time in your life before you die. Think about it.