This I Believe

Lorie - Kula, Hawaii
Entered on February 1, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe my dog Merlyn was the best dog in the world. I know this because now that his gone all the memories and love and joy that I shared with him for the past 16 years are flowing back in the form of tears. I told myself that it will be alright, but it’s not.

He was just a little black dog at the pound when we found each other. In a mass of barking dog he sat quiet and clam. I ask the clerk at the counter. “What’s up with that one” “Oh him, he’s a runner, ran away form home one time too many I guess.”

I took him out of the gate. We check each other out; he was solid black, long hair and with a great fan of a tail. “I’ll take him,” and that was it, he jumped in my hippy van and we were joined at the hip ever since.

He was the fastest dog on the beach and when he ran full out his slick black body would flatten as he literally flew across the sand. He was the kind of dog that barked and barked until your threw that darn stick into the water and he would fight holding on to that stick as I lift him clear off the ground. His teeth holding on as I swung him around and around.

We would sit on the porch and share a beer together. He’d lap up his Corona or Guiness and we’d watch the snow come down.

He hated my girl friends and would leave little presents on their side of the bed. All but one, my partner whom I have been with for more than 11 years. He sure could pick‘em. He was there when we brought our first child home. He planted himself under her bassinet and proclaimed himself her protector. He put up with a parade of other pets.’ Sorry about that poodle boy”

He put up with our move form Alaska to Hawaii when he was thirteen. That slowed him down and now I realize that the trip was the begging of the end. The last few years he sat in the sun, enjoy pets, food and us Then he got sick, he couldn’t see, he couldn’t hear but could smell us and knew we were around.

He was always there now he is not. I know I’ll get over this and I’ll try not to slap people who tell me he was just a dog, It’s for the best or you’ll get another dog, but he was not just another dog. He taught me that friendship and love is not just share with people, a soul, is a soul. He was my drinking buddy, my side kick, my dating counselor, my protector and my very best friend. Bye Merlyn, I love you.