This I Believe

Ashley - Sierra Vista, Arizona
Entered on February 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

As a child I saw little of thos presidents’ faces on that green stuff that we call dollar bills. Many meals consisted of bean burritos or bologna sandwiches. Clothes werer either given to us or bought at the neighborhood yard sales. I never felt deprived of my chilhood. Just blessed with the power of my mind.

Not having money to buy those Milton Bradely board games or having satellite T.V. my brothers and I would invent our woen unique games and adventures. We would draw pictures that became my mom’s Picasso masterpieces. I personally played school and dress-up in my mother’s eighty-style clothing. I used to use my parents nineteen eighty-five chevy van with deep fading gray exterior paint as my playhouse. Being outside playing in our imaginary worlds were never interupted by Scooby-Doo reruns. Our giggles and smiles came from our imaginations.

I believe that being short handed of money aloud me to expand my knowledge. While growing up with little money my mom would take us to the library once a week to gather some of our most prized possessions: books. If we weren’t outside creating our own Narnia adventures, we could find us inside reading. Reading was like watching a good movie to me as a child, but better. I could us my imagination to create my own settings and characters.

Reading so many books helped me to expand my vocabulary. I never had much concern to when my turn would come to read for the class. I needed minimal help with words.

I believe that being poor aloud me to higher my education. I want to have enough money for my family to survive on in this continual growing world. This is why I chose nursing as my profession. My creativity is expanded. I ahve to picture all possible circumstances. My knowledge will continually be pushed. Having to memorize all medical outcomess along with diagnosis.