This I Believe

Zennia - Sierra Vista, Arizona
Entered on February 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

“This I Believe” Essay

I believe in a perfect world; I believe that no matter the country nor the century we’re living in every women and man will have the same rights, I believe that someday all the racism, discrimination, and ignorant will disappear. It took me a while on finally decide what I was going to write about, I thought about so many things but none of them seemed to be good enough. There is so many things that I always talk about that I would like to be different in our society, in our world, but when it comes to put them in words nothing comes to my mind.

I am a Mexican-American teenager; I’ve grown up living in a two world society. All my values and principles come from a Mexican family, but all my life I’ve been influenced by another culture, I was born in a different country, I’ve grown up around people that don’t have the same values and culture that I was raced in. I considered this country as part of my home, we are really lucky for all the opportunities that this country have to their people. But not all the countries in this world are like this.

Living in a border town and not only hearing what people says about the illegal immigrants that come to this country but seeing it, I think that it gives me a totally different prospective of the situation we are living in today. I have seen and it amazes me the people that feel so much hate for this persons that come to this country to find a better future for themselves. That suffers so much in their way to get here. They come to this country with the illusion of getting money for their families that they leave behind. They are actually helping the economy of this country to keep growing.

I believe that one of the worst enemies of us is ignorance and it is a little bit hard to say it, but most of illegal immigrants are really ignorant about what is best for them. When they come to this country they spend thousands of dollars paying someone to cross them, and they don’t even assure them to get to the United States safely. Instead of paying all this money, I believe that they should start by doing step by step illegally; getting their papers in order, buying a permit to work in the United States illegally and doing all this things that they should do right.

I believe that someday we are going to live in a more peaceful world that no matter in what country you were born in or what is your native language, we are all going to have the same rights, and the same respect for each one of us.