This I Believe

DArcy - Ft. Huachuca, Arizona
Entered on February 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

Protecting Our Children

Is the world outside of prison walls a place for child predators? What if someone close to you was violated and their predator was free to roam the streets again after more or less than eight years? What can we do as American citizens to help protect our precious future against child victimizers? I believe that if a person has violated a child at least once they should be imprisoned indefinitely, if released they will repeat the crime.

The rate of child predators that have been released from confinement and are striking again is growing fast. The United States Department of Justice of Justice Statistics states that in one year alone, approximately 4,300 child molesters in 15 states were released from confinement. Of the 4,300 child molesters released, approximately 3.3% were rearrested within three years for another sex offense against a child. Approximately 25% of child molesters were age 40 or older. Among those child molesters who were released in that one year, 60% had been confined for molesting a child 13 years of age or younger. Out of 236, 000 more than half of them repeat the crime after three months.

My family went through this horrible ordeal. My cousin was molested from the age nine to eleven by her mother’s boyfriend and when her mother found out, she did nothing to get him off the streets. This predator then began touching his own daughter when she was about ten. One day he finally was arrested and spent ten years in prison and my aunt took him back. Three months after being released from prison, he tried to strike again on my sister who was about thirteen at the time but fortunately, she escaped his grasp. He has now been serving approximately eight years in prison until this day.

After developing my belief and researching, I thought on it a lot. It came to me that if a person molested a child once then they are more likely to repeat this horrible act again. This is not saying that all one-time offenders will strike again but through the statistics, it is more likely. The effect of putting them away for life will guarantee that one less child will be violated.