This I Believe

Emma - East Moriches, New York
Entered on February 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

It’s hard for a person to pinpoint one belief that we follow daily; monthly; yearly. Most everyone believes in their heroes. They believe in their friends, their family, and even those who have passed away leaving us, the living here on earth while they go and venture off somewhere that is unknown to us. I couldn’t decide on one belief to write my essay on. So I thought why not write about everything that I and some of the closest people in my life believe in; the very things that make us different from every one else and stand out in a crown of billions.

“I believe that happiness is something that you have to pursue and is something that you can’t wait for to come to you” said Valentina Dastres. We all start off in life as kids thinking that all good things will come to us and that we don’t have to search for them. Most people would agree that you can’t just expect to be happy sitting around and waiting for it. You have to get up and search for it, try finding something that makes you happy.

“I believe that you can do anything you want if you want to do it badly enough” says Kamilla Ozman; my mother. In others words if you wanted to ride a bike and you wanted to ride that bike badly enough you would do what ever it takes to ride that bike. Some people feel that the only obstacles that stand in your way are self created. Because they feel, what ever you put your mind on doing you can accomplish or at least learn how to do it.

“I believe that people should not judge others based on how they look or act, but instead by what they truly are deep down inside” said Leanna Ozman; my sister. To some they don’t feel as strongly towards this subject as others may. Because people look mean and scary on the outside but on the inside they could possibly be lonely and scared. Just because someone owns a pair of Uggs, it doesn’t mean they are preppy. Just because someone wears skulls it doesn’t mean they want to kill themselves or wish death upon others. Just because someone wears rainbows it doesn’t mean they are bi or gay. It is important to not judge others based on outside acts and appearances.

It is these beliefs that make an individual. It isn’t necessarily their style, the way they do their make-up, the way they carry themselves. It is our beliefs; that an individual creates for themselves that makes us truly individuals. Influences of others may change these things. But deep down they’re truly still the same. This is why I believe that our beliefs are what set us apart from others making us all different from one another.