This I Believe

James - minneapolis, Minnesota
Entered on February 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: community

This I Believe

Shootings. Killings. Mistakes. Drugs. Robberies. Jail. Prison. Death. These are all things that happen when you are in a gang.

I believe that being in a gang makes you a coward because it shows people that you are scared and you need someone else to watch your back. It tells people that you have no respect for yourself and other people. There are not just males in gangs; there are also females in gangs. Being in a gang makes people have a lot of stereotypes about people.

I believe that being in a gang makes you a whole different person. It makes you start to use drugs, drink, and throw your life away. Being in a gang puts your life at risk because you and your homies are going around killing people that are in other gangs just to have more power and respect, when really you are just killing people of your race and the people of another race.

Lots of people in our country have stereotypes about young African American males being in gangs. It makes us black people look bad. That really makes all other races look bad when someone from another race is in a gang. Being in a gang puts the world in a whole other dimension.

A couple of years ago I really wanted to be in a gang. I wanted to go around wearing a rag and carrying around a gun. I wanted to hang out with people that I thought would have my back. I thought that being in a gang would make me a man.