This I Believe

Tony - Saint David, Arizona
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

It’s so hard to being a student and an employee. I believe that our parents put tremendous amounts of stress on us and really don’t understand what we are going through. My dad always tells me that he went to college full time and only had to work a part time job, and still had time to party and hang around with his friends. Yet he tends to look away that the prices of classes and the fact that they have doubled even tripled in cost. And the cost of books is absolutely ridiculous. I believe that my dad doesn’t know that I know grandma was giving him money to help him out and not have such a hard time.

I believe working 40-60 hours and going to school 15 hours a week is strenuous on the body, mind, and soul. Even though, every other Thursday I receive a six hundred dollar check, which makes it bearable. It still puts an enormous amount of stress on me, mentally knowing there is so much that needs to be done. I just don’t enough time to get it all. I believe that homework is going to bring me down and stomp on my ambitions in being successful in school this semester.

I believe that being single has its advantages and it’s down falls. I believe being lonely is one of the most unsatisfying feelings ever to be created by god. I believe that it hurts when you like someone so much and you finally work up the courage to tell them how you feel, and you are shot down like a piece of dirt. I believe that some girls are insensitive creatures put on this earth to demolish men’s self esteem.

I believe not growing up around both parents can be very hard. I believe that not having a relationship with one of your parents can destroy any chance of you ever having a relationship with that parent. I believe that parents can be the cruelest people on the face of this earth. I believe parents shouldn’t degrade their children and tell them how much of a screw up you are and how much of a burden you are on him and his wife.

In conclusion, I believe today’s modern students are the strongest willed, and most corrigible people that have ever walked this earth. They have to deal with divorce, parents constantly fighting, and being able to deal with everyday stress on top of that.