This I Believe

Yuriko - Benson, Arizona
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe that there is a reason for everything that happens to everyone and you should always live every day like its your last. Nothing happens by coincidence, accident or simply because your lucky. If it happens it is meant to be.

I trust God has a plan for me and everyone else in this world. All the things that have happened to me so far, is because that’s part of my plan. I live my life according to how I want to live it, but most importantly I live my life according to how God wants me to live it and I live my life as if every day were my last.

I am a true believer of reason, which is why I never regret anything I do. If I did something wrong, it must have been to teach me a lesson. If I do something right it’s because I am learning life’s lessons quite well.

Over the past two years I’ve done a great deal of learning. I’ve made my parents, my sisters, my boyfriend and even myself cry many, many times with my rebelling. I would never take back anything that I’ve done because it was part of my plan. And believe me; I have learned a lot from my many mistakes.

Two years ago I met a wonderful person, my boyfriend. He has changed my way of thinking, my way of approaching things, he has changed me. He’s one of the most positive people that I know although his life hasn’t been the greatest. For the past ten years he has been growing up without the most important figure a teenage boy needs in his life, his father.

His dad passed away in a tragic quad accident and my boyfriend was the one to find him dead. It messed him up a little for a few years, but now that he’s older he feels more positive about his life. He has told me that he sometimes wonders what life would have been like if his dad were around, but that maybe it wouldn’t have been such a great life.

He isn’t happy about his dad being gone, and he has learned to accept that he’s never coming back. That is why he lives his life to the fullest everyday.

You never now when your going to die which is why I believe having fun every day is a must! Dieing is a part of God’s plan for us, which is also why the people we love die. Mistakes are also a part of life, so don’t regret the things you do.