This I Believe

Margo - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This, I Believe

I believe that life is beautiful, and that each moment should be cherished. I believe in nature and peace and coexisting in a world that was built for harmony. I look around at this world that I live in, and the only thing I can think of, is how lucky I am to be surrounded by such beauty. From the bold mountains that surround my hometown, to the sleek snakes that found their way into our backyard. Every aspect of nature, is so different, yet works together to create a perfectly balanced environment. This is what I think about when it comes to how I want to live out my own life.

Everything, no matter how small or apparently unseemly, contributes to the beauty of our world. When we think about beauty, by nature, it’s the vibrant, exciting things that come to mind. This is true for our own lives as well. People are always looking for something bigger, “better”, more exciting and often overlook the little things that work together with the more grand aspects to make life worth living. However, in the midst of such obvious splendor it’s easy for the more subtle things to be overshadowed. I take this idea with me in my everyday life, trying to appreciate the small gifts life gives to me as they come, instead of tossing them aside in pursuit of something greater. Don’t get me wrong, dreams and ambitions are a huge part of my life and help to define who I am, but I believe in using the smaller, less obvious things in life to help me reach them. It amazes me how perfectly everything in our lives fit together. Life is like a beautiful mosaic. Each piece intertwining in seemingly impossible ways to create something unique and wonderful. Take away one piece from the picture, and all you are left with is a bunch of broken tiles. Taking the time to appreciate that one tile, that one moment in our life, is something that I believe in doing with my whole heart.

Our world is so wrapped up in striving to be beautiful, to have a beautiful home, a beautiful body and so on, that it’s often easy to miss the beautiful things that surround us already. Like love, laughter and friendship. I said that I believe that life is beautiful. I guess what I really mean to say, is that life is worth taking in every second. The little moments, the hug from a friend when you need it most, the light breeze on a summer day…these are the things that make life beautiful. In these moments, I believe.