This I Believe

Brad - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in mid-afternoon small claims court shows. Shows like Judge Judy and Divorce Court. Shows where we see the most corrupt, conniving, careless, caring, gullible, dysfunctional, self-less, and loving people on television. If you could make a graph of the entire spectrum of human characteristics, whether “good” or “bad”, and insert the population that stars in these shows, it would be as scattered as the starry sky. But this is the population, the heart and soul, of life.

The judges in these shows aren’t drastically changing the face of criminal justice in America. They are not putting away huge drug dealers or fraudulent corporate leaders; they are, however, outing and mending the flaws and beauties of every small town in American society. There is something to be said about caring for the individuals rather than the groups, people like you and me, and the guy who owns the furniture store on the corner, and the lady who works at the daycare, and the guy who you always see at the store that doesn’t hesitate to wave.

The “American Dream” is story taught from birth, that in order to be great you must be huge, metaphorically speaking. Well maybe what is needed isn’t that big. Maybe happiness shouldn’t be measured to Wal-Mart and Starbucks standards.

What I am trying to say is that every one of us matters, every one of us means something to someone else. Every one of our destinies is made of greatness. I am getting ready to graduate from college. The uneasy tension of searching for a job and beginning an adult life has prompted extensive thinking about the meaning of success, and what I have realized is that everything in my thought process of success had nothing to do with the true makeup of success. Success is more about ‘moral’ income than swimming pools and sport utility vehicles. Regardless of the trial and tribulations we go through, on whatever scale of importance they may be, they are of some importance us, therefore they are of importance.

So I believe in mid-afternoon small claims court shows. The shows where judges that care about the little people from smalltown, USA, guide people like you and me through the trials of their life. If you look past the entertainment value of bickering individuals, beneath the surface lays everything that every person in America goes through. To sum things up, we are all greatness, and no life is worth more than any other. Success is measured in much more than petty things, and in the end, Love, actually, is all you need.