This I Believe

Courtney - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe…

A good night’s sleep puts everything into perspective. I was fourteen years old and battling with, what I thought, a monumental dilemma, my friend Richard had won freshman class president over me, after entering the race only because his mom made him. It seemed as if everyone knew I was more deserving than he was and I was debating confronting him, but I wasn’t sure what to say. My mother told me to “sleep on it”. Whether this really was her genuine advice or she just wanted to get rid of me because it was almost one o’clock in the morning I’ll never know. But, I took her suggestion literally, scribbled my problem in a journal, and slept with it under my mattress. I woke up the next day, read what I had written, and decided I was the one being foolish. I was going to forget about talking to Richard and make the best of the situation.

I have now been keeping my sleep journal for six years. I don’t write in it everyday. Some entries are weeks apart. It has served as the tool with which I measure the importance in my life. I have used it to make many decisions, from whether or not I was going to drink a glass of champagne with my best friend on New Year’s Eve in high school to deciding what college I would attend. When I am going over my entries the following day, it is easy for me to think with a clear head, emotions aside and just read the words I have written. The majority of the issues I have written about have been so trivial, that when I read them the next day I actually laugh at myself for getting so worked up about them in the first place. It is not to say though that I live my life thinking every problem I once battled is insignificant. I just know that with each one of my predicaments there is a solution attached. It might not be obvious at first but turning my brain off for a night and resting is the arrow that points to the right decision. This is why I am typing this essay at 11:15 the night before it is due. Only sleep will tell.