This I Believe

Cody - Del City, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: birth

Marriage: and the Unplanned Pregnancy

I remember growing up and hearing about young people having unexpected kids and getting married. After about six months of their failing marriage they would both decide to throw in the towel. I always thought their first decision was the right one. Until I was old enough to see it happening with the people I have known for the majority of my life. I realized then that bringing a child into this world should not be basis for marriage, but the basis of marriage should be because of love. It amazes me now how people are so hell-bent on walking down the aisle before their child is born because it’s the right thing, but it seems they never quite understand the true reasons for marriage. It has been formed into my beliefs that if a couple decides to have a child unexpectedly that they should wait to get married until sometime after the baby is born. The main reasons that I believe people are getting married too early on the basis of “covering up” an unplanned birth is for their own personal moral pride. However, some never take into consideration the stresses of living with someone, the new baby, and financial burdens that are soon to come their way. I also believe that people that want to build a loving home should think about how they are to build it. If they would just give themselves some time to adjust to the new setting, then they can remember why they are together instead of putting the burden on the child. For instance, if I was put in that citation it would be very easy for me at hard times to think,” Man, I’m only with her because of the child why this?” instead of, “I’m truly in love with her and want to build a happy home.” To bring a child into a home before planning is something that I find isn’t in the best interest of the child contrary to popular belief. With a little time the marriage can be built on love and devotion, instead of regret, stress, and why did this happen.