This I Believe

Shawn - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe

Believe is a strong word. To say that I believe in something is probably the deepest trust in an idea that I could ever put forth. One thing that I truly believe is that my mind and spirit determine how I feel, my wellbeing, my state of mind, and my overall health. I am influenced by everyone around me. If I were diagnosed with cancer, I would want people that motivate and encourage me to surround me. If the people that I loved were telling me to make my final wish list and that I was going to die, I would lose hope. This would cause my health to lose hope as well. I believe that people die from the inside out. And when I say die, I do not only mean in a physical way, but spiritually as well. For others to influence me in a positive way, I must cleanse my soul from within my being. Granted, peer influence alters my state of mind, and can change my mood; yet, if I have enough self-confidence, I can do anything.

We all have radiant energy pouring out of us, whether it is positive or negative. We control this energy that pours out of us. We can change lives for the good or for the bad. Not only others’ lives, but our own as well. My challenge I put to myself is to always think positive about everything, to not worry about the negative effects of something that may happen but, instead, to pour positive energy out to make myself and others feel better. For example, instead of having food drives and talking about hunger, we should talk about how full everyone is going to be. Instead of saying how many people have died in a tragedy, we should say how many have survived. Instead of going out and getting medicine to prevent a cold that I have been thinking I am going to get, I should not get the medicine. I must tell myself that I won’t get the cold. I cannot even set myself up for failure. I cannot even think of the options. I know that if I believe, then everything I do in life will succeed. I believe our thoughts transfer to our subconscious decisions, which might lead to the result. Think big, and good things will come. Believe.